Horizon Golden is blessed to support the work of in-town and international missionaries/organizations.

Bukolooto Christian Faith Center

Ian and Milly Sebbanja are beloved missionaries whose focus is church planting and teaching God's word in East Africa, which includes Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. The Earth groans for the coming of the Lord but the laborers are few. An untapped source of nationals waits to be trained, organized, and mobilized to start new churches in East Africa. Despite all of the missionaries and funds being sent overseas, many people are still not hearing about Jesus. Due to political turmoil and cultural backgrounds, there are many places, particularly Rwanda, where many cannot effectively minister. However, trained nationals can effectively accomplish the task. Uganda is a launching pad to reach these countries. Ian and Milly Sebbanja are training, discipling and mobilizing these workers to become leaders; to train others to become disciples of Christ. They are influencing the young generation so that they live for Christ from an early age, preparing for tomorrow's generation. These young people also influence the adults to develop their nation and the region to grow into responsible and productive Christians. This vision started with impacting the nation of Uganda.